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Have the institure of health and safety (IOSH the chartered body) create a list of charatered safety practitioners from thier membership list. Only people on this list should be deemed competent to give advise to business on health and safety. This would dramatically cut down on the huge amount of money spend by businesses on actions resulting on poor quality H&S advise.

It would also help redress the balance between back in favour of H&S practitioners bringing tangable business benifits the contribute to the bottom line not detract from it.

I do it in my work place and is is not difficult. Our H&S budget halved last year and safety statistics on site have never been better.


Steve Brown 

Why is this idea important?

The health safety and wellbeing of people affectded by our working activites is of paramount importance and no one disputes this. Pragmaitc advise deliverred by a suitably qualified, competed person is a business enabler – if the economy of the UK is going to compete on a world level we need world class people driving and support it

Chartered health and safety practitioners represent the very best in thier field – Keeping people safe at work is just good business management and like all good business management it should add to teh wellbeing of the business itselve.

We need to take the scare mongering out of the equation and that can be done by ensuring the people giving advise are accountable for the advise they give business. IOSH chartered menmber are bound by the a code of ethics, many giving health and safey adise are not, that is both dengerous and not good business.

Steve Brown




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