Greatly reduce Health and Safety regulations in public places.

Make clear that all citizens of the UK have a responsibility to take care of themselves and others.

Ensure that the law is clear in respect of sueing for damages that only some of the responsibilty is with the authorities.

Take for example my local outdoor swimming pool, lucky to have one though it was closed for 3 years. The spring diving boards went years ago and then when it reopened last year the 1 1/2 metre diving platform was gone too. You know the reason is that "Health and Safety Regulations" will insist that an extra life guard or two would be required to supervise perhaps to ensure that no-one jumps on someones head.

The proof that we don't need this level of supervision is when we drive down any single carriage way, towards oncoming traffic at speeds of 100mph. We whizz past with total trust that the other driver wont swerve into us.



Why is this idea important?

The current level of Health and Safety in public places is costing us uneccessarily and is sucking the fun out of life.

More than that it doesn't do good for our evolution as human beings, making us soft, lack luster and weak.

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