I'm not sure if this applies in England or just Scotland but recently healthcare professionals (and some premises) have to register with their NHS board as well as their regulatory body. The regulatory body already fulfills all necessary tasks such as monitoring standards, maintenance of an up-to-date register, monitoring of continual professional development etc. so why the need for the NHS board to just do exactly the same? It just leads to double bureaucracy with no improvement in patient outcomes.

In fact I would suggest the double bureaucracy has actually worsened patient outcomes as if the NHS board list is not up to date (and this can take weeks and weeks!) then a healthcare professional can be prevented from crossing the board boundary meaning shifts can go unfilled and patients untreated even though the person may be on the regulatory body's register – crazy!! 

Why is this idea important?

Sorting out this problem would reduce costs for the health board, potentially improve patient outcomes due to increased freedom of movement and reduce bureaucracy for healthcare professionals meaning we could actually spend more time looking after patients!

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