The HPC is not working.   It is costing a lot of money but has no effect whatsoever other than to harrass registrants.  This is not protecting the public.  It is providing jobs for people who sit and write gobbledoogook for a living.  Anyone who phones the HPC will not get any satisfactory answers instead they will be guided to their website to read pages and pages of nonsense (just look at the revalidation project brief!)     I believe £360,000 of public funds was donated to the HPC – who in turn charge each registrant a fee of £200 to register and £80 per year to stay on the register.   This is over and above any professional fees and insurance costs the practitioner may have.    A lot of people are choosing to de-register and work under a different title.     HPC is a white elephant but a costly one.

I would disban HPC and make it compulsory for health professionals to belong to a professional body who in turn would take responsibility for ensuring their members operate safely and efficiently, are fully insured and keep up to date with CPD – which is what they have always done.   This has never cost any public money and worked well.  

Why is this idea important?

Everyone is so fed up with red tape and burocracy gone mad!  There is no common sense involved in anything any more.    More and more people are abandoning their chosen professions because they can't keep up with the jargon being thrown at them by HPC.  Why are their documents so long winded and in what way does it actually protect the public?    Please no more of these Government Quangos that are an unnecessary luxury.  We can't afford it!    

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