I am fed up of hearing about Health and Safety reasons why this or that can’t be done. For example notices have recently gone up at our local household waste site saying anyone removing items will be prosecuted for theft! And yet when I challenged the Council (lots of items are thrown away into land-fill that could be re-used / recycled) they cited the Control of Pollution Act and health and safety (presumably in case I fall in the skip! Whilst retrieving something!!) Ian Quigley (Recycling & Trade Waste Manager) and Iain Bairstow both at Bradford Council are the jobs-worths responsible for upholding this piece of legislation!!

Health and Safety should be confined to factories and the workplace.

Another example – our children were not allowed to play in the snow at school over the winter in case they slipped!! Neither were the younger children allowed to play on a superb school playing field last year leading up to the summer – and I still don’t know why! Nor was I allowed to video or photograph the school nativity.

Does this come under Child Protection, which also needs to be looked at urgently and drives me to distraction. I took my 6 and 8 yr old boys swimming a few weeks ago and was told off for taking photos of them (I chose to carry on needless to say!) When I pointed out that they were my children, I was cited Child Protection!! Thank God the new Safeguarding Children Authority has been suspended – a step in the right direction but why does my husband have to be ‘checked’ to coach the local football juniors when all the parents are standing on the sidelines and some of the regular coaches are already CRB checked.

Please do something. I think that’s it until my next rant!

Why is this idea important?

as explained above.

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