Allow youngsters on the dole to be able to accept short time work for say 6 weeks, to be able to get back on the dole when that work dries up, without having to wait the customry 26 weeks or whatever the period is now.    It may mean that they are given a job at the end of the 6 weeks ( or whatever time), but because they are penalised for taking short time work they are scared to go off the dole for short periods.

Why is this idea important?

Because I have watched my 4 Grandsons struggling to get work, one having  done 2 years college learning bricklaying, but left then for him to find himself a job bricklaying and becoming an appretice to that firm to pass his qualifications to become a fully fedged bricklayer, then the others not able to get any work, and when they do apply they get no replys.    Bosses treat these youngsters terribly and then expect them to respect "grown ups"!!!!!    These youngsters are a lost cause it seems and I know that there are thousands of them around the country.    These youngsters are our future and need to be treated with respect

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