Small, independent voluntary organisations that endeavour to help and support those in adversity should be exempt from Companies House bureaucracy which forces 'ordinary' people to pay large fees to professionalsto help them navigate the intricacies of company law which would potentially otherwise entrap them.  The guidelines for forming Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) promised by the last government three years ago never materialised.  CIOs were intended to exempt small organisations from the £5K annual income threshold and enable them to become 'respectable' charities without having to register as companies.   My idea is that the CIO guidelines or something very similar should be published without further delay.

Why is this idea important?

The work of many charities funded by government money through local authorities or PCTs is stifled because they are bound by local and national guidelines which do not protect vulnerable people .  Unlike  Advocare – Caring for Carers which is the only truly independent  organisation of its kind in the country as far as we are aware which seeks to empower unpaid carers and endeavours to bring about policy changes needed to enhance their status.  Currently unpaid carers are ascribed the lowest priority (Tier 3) yet they save this country ~£87 billion a year.  By improving their 'lot' we can prevent them from becoming ill, too, which makes good economic sense in the present climate.  Retaining our status as a registered company incurs administrative costs we cannot afford and Advocare must be one of many such organisations.  In the current climate charities will be needed even more.  Please help us to survive.

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