I have a shop in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre that sells "herbal highs" and i feel that instead of banning them they should welcome them. When I first opened four years ago i had a range of party pills which contained the now banned substance BZB or piperazines. There were no reported deaths or indeed bad side affects attributed to these products. In fact after the research I did on them I would have happily preffered my own children to experiment with them rather than take the risk of trying street drugs which are cut with some really nasty things such as ketamine and heroin. A lot of kids want to experiment with drugs at some point and these herbal highs were a safer alternative for them if they felt they had to take anything. BANNING THINGS OUTRIGHT DOES NOT MAKE THEM GO AWAY!!! At least when they were being sold in the shops my staff would not sell them to youngsters under the age of 18 and even if they did find their way to underage kids at least they were safe.  They were no where near as strong or dangerous as the latest batch of "herbals" which have recently had, and quite rightly,  bad press. What the government fails to see is that there is a huge demand for these products and not from your local "smackheads" or junkies but from respectable people from all walks of life, indeed the hard drug users who use street drugs are not interested in the herbals as they dont believe they are  as strong as the street versions. I have many customers who used the cannibanoids found in products such as the Spice incense blends to help them relax after a hard day at the office. I myself have used it to help me to sleep and I do not define myself as a drug user or a menace to society. Now that Spice etc is banned the only place I could find anything similar is to go walking the streets for a bone fide drug dealer and that is something I am not prepared to do…I am NOT a criminal. If the government had left the BZP party products alone they would not be in the mess they are in now. There is such a demand for recreational enhancers  that no matter what  they ban, there will ALWAYS be something new brought to the market. If the BZP's had been left alone no one would have ever heard of Methadrone or naphyrone, meow meow or woof woof. Every time a substance is banned the dealers on the streets know there is a demand and they can still get their hands on the substances and sell them for treble the price and the problem is back out on the streets where I do believe you don't want it!!!. Plant feeders were found in many herbal party pills that have been sold for over three years with no bad press or deaths associated to them. They were made and sold by reputable companies in safe doses, it was only when the pure product found its way onto the shelves that the dangers of high doses of the drug was realised. Now that Methadrone in ALL forms has been banned the government has basically opened the door for stronger and much more dangerous products which will no doubt be banned in the very near future and the cycle will continue. The government is making this a much more difficult problem that it should have ever been but they are so blind they cannot see it. Police it properly, tax it if necassary but please don't just ban things because you think the problems will go away. You are sending the people and their cash back onto the streets where you didnt want it in the first place, I am sorry but that is something I just cannot understand!! You are actually helping the illegal traffic of drugs!!!  Allow reputable dealers to sell the products, just like off lisences, if anyone is found selling to underage people then fine them, prosecute them and make them pay or close them down. Repeal the ban on BZP products and you will find that the demand for these new strong drugs will subside. Most people do not want extra strong substances that are dangerous and if they can find something that gives them the small lift they are looking for it will at least half the problems you are having now. The only people you are helping are the drug dealers on the street

Why is this idea important?

Now that the Spice and associated products have been banned, most people I know have had to turn back to the dealers on the streets and made to feel like criminals. When it was available "over the counter" they didn't have to think like a criminal. The drug dealers must be having a boom season .will. The government should be looking into this and be careful about what they ban. Banning something does not make them go away…ecstasy heroin cocaine etc are all banned but yet readily available on the streets, if someone wants them they will get them if you ban them or not. Its time you lot woke up and take a long hard look at this, then perhaps you would get it right and help clear the streets of dangerous drugs insted of adding to an allready long list of illegal drugs.

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  1. i think this man is money hungry and has seen the growth of his sales over the past year or 2!! These drugs kill people and make people pycho,s!!! I have smoked skunk and hash for 25 years and it just calms me down and stops my pain and helps me eat better, only 3 times have I smoked “clockwork orange” and each Time I did smoke it I had thoughts of harming other people!!! It was more of a acid trip!! Nothing like skunk!! In my 25 years of smoking skunk I have never thought of killing or harming someone!! It’s the opposite really!! I’ve wanted to harm people and I’ve smoked a joint of skunk and just chilled and forgot about it!! I would hate to feel angry and then smoke this spice crap!! That would lead to murder!!! Which is happening up and down the country everyday!!! Weed needs legalised and he can sell that at his shop as it’s harmless and actually does good things and isn’t phyco active like this spice stuff!! I’ve seen the affects of this stuff on hardened drug takers and it just blows them away!! Another thing is %50 of Spice bought is actually bound for HMP as in prison it can’t be tested for so its a big hit in every prison in this country. IT NEEDS BANNED!!!

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