The 40mph single carriageway is choking the country.

I live in rural Lincolshire, where huge amounts of the nation's food is produced and the road are coking with slow moving HGVs. This annoys drivers and causes them to make risky overtaking manouvers and this is happening all over the nation.

I'm not sure if this rule was introduced to reduce accidents or reduce emissions, but I can't see that it's affecting either.

The speed limit should be increased to 60mph, but even 50mph would make a huge difference and get the traffic moving everywhere.

Why is this idea important?

HGVs moving at 40mph are slowing down traffice across the whole nation.

I'm not suggesting that everyone starts travelling at excessive speed, but out roads and vehicles are design to be safe at 50, 60 and 70mph and more.

Travel would be far more efficient and much less frustrating if the limit was increased.

Less accidents too, and faster and therefore more efficient travelling times for businesses.

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