High court enforcement officer must not be allowed to enter a person's house without their lawyer being present and 30 day's notice and highlighting that receipts for all goods in their house should be presented – or preferably the defendant/owners ability to move all their company's goods into storage for their seizure first.

At present an enforcement officer can suddenly turn up to you're house if he can prove you've done ANY business work there and demand you show receipts for everything in the house (unrealistic of course when caught on the spot)…  it was enough to make my Mother pawn all her rings to get rid of him (I was in my twenties, living from home being allowed by my parents to still live at home – my parents had nothing to do with the company but they were targetted)… DISGUSTING.

Why is this idea important?

Because why otherwise is a Limited Liability company set up, if the courts balliffs can still target you personally like bullies.  I have a whole big personal story to share on this but after typing it out for the last half hour then this website crashing and losing it – I have not the energy to do it again – but trust me, this legal loophole is being taken advantage of BIG TIME by these 'bullies with badges' – it HAS to stop, it is disgraceful.

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