Remove any legislation enabling the development of current proposals for high speed rail.  The proposals are not cost effective and will disadvantage whole communities by concentrating availability on small pockets and by failing to connect with existing rail facilities.

The real issue facing railways in Britain is not speed.  It is capacity.  Unless and until the width and height of trains can be achieved to create high capacity trains the railways will become increasingly uneconomic.  Given scarce resources a programme of widening and increasing the height of the routes and removing bottlenecks is the more cost effective option.  High speed rail will not be environmentally friendly and will deliver, probably, no cost benefit.  Nor is it sufficient simply to adopt the continental standards.  Provision should be made for yet wider and taller trains.

If, once the railways have been thus enhanced and modernised, high speed rail is then considered it should link in with existing facilities and enable those disadvantaged by the gridlock effect of places such as Birmingham to enjoy its benefits too.

Too much attention is paid to the single component of a journey.  What is mooted as a "one hour" journey will actually be a four hour journey when considering the necessary connecting journeys at each end.  A thirty minute saving is an irrelevance.

Why is this idea important?

OK so this is not a criminal offence… It is just a criminal waste of money when cut backs on essential services are being made.

The benefits of this are a major saving of money which is being poured into a bottomless pit and if the alternative improvements are made instead there will be a major incentive to use public transport with all the environmental benefits to be had.

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