Those families who reject state funded education should be barred from state education in the University sector and be forced to go to private provision.

They have rejected on principal state funded education yet expect that they have a right to the best universities such as Oxford and Cambridge. These people are effectively having high quality education at the expense of the tax payer.

Thus they have no moral right to state provision as they are effectively rejecting this option.

Universities should be forced to fill their places with state educated pupils first, any space places can be tossed out to the jackals of the private sector parents.

This would create a thriving private sector university system, catering for those who care not for state provision.

Why is this idea important?

The state provides education for all, it provides an excellent University system which produces barriers for those in the state sector. Universities are complicit in creating a society that rewards money and class, yet they are funded by the tax payer.

In order to get an effective state system open for all, those who opt for private education are rejecting fairness, they reject the concept of state education. Yet they are happy to accept this provision at the tax payers expense.

The tax payer is therefore subsidising the private sector against the state sector.

In order to recoup this, those in receipt of private education have to wait for places to become available, and then pay a premium equating to the fees paid by an overseas student.

Those opting for private education reject the notion of the state, in effect rejecting the notion of the UK, they make themselves into a foreigner.

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