the current speed limit for a hgv on single lane A road is 40 mph,this law dates back to when hgvs where like tractors!!!!!!modern trucks are now very different,even raising the limit to 45mph on A roads would save fuel as every time a truck comes to a hill at 40mph it has to go down several gears and higher revs to keep speed up,it would also save lives,at least twice aweek a car overtakes me in a dangerous place after becoming so frustrated at following me between 30 -39 mph on a road where the car speed limit is 60 mph. it would also cost very little to do as no road signs are set just for hgvs. this law change would save time and money,

Why is this idea important?

this law is just out dated,and im sick of people putting there lives and mine at risk by over taking me in bad places because im having to do 40 mph on a road where 45 or 50 mph would be safe

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