Higher standards of Policing demonstrations/protests

I have never been involved in demonstrations (yet) but am amazed at the amount of evidence (eg you tube) of police assaulting and intimidating people such as grabbing cameras or worse charging into peaceful crowds and nothing happening to the police officers involved. I can guarantee that within 30 min of watching you tube you will see police breaking the law and the demonstrator ending up being arrested and charged on fictitious evidence – this lowers the publics tolerance levels towards both government and the police. The police should not lie to the public about whether they can photograph in a public space and it should be explained they have the right not to give personal details etc (s44 should now be revoked due to echr).

In summary the police should be working to higher standards and therefore if they use aggressive or intimidating tactics, lie or mislead the public about their rights then justice should definitely be seen to be done to restore faith in democracy and individual rights. My proposal is that it become easier to disciplne, investigate and make public the outcome of police officers abusing their powers  – clearly it does not happen now in a lot of cases.

Why does this idea matter?

To restore faith in policing, government and an individuals human rights.

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  1. Jonathan Crewdson says:

    I think something definitely needs to be done. The police are supposed to be public servants who are there to protect us and uphold our rights, not breach them. As well as many police tactics being made explicitly illegal, such as kettling, we need a better enforcement of the existing legislation. That could happen now with no need for any new legislation.

    Sadly we don’t actually live in a free and democratic society. The authorities seem to regard their role as managing us and using the police as a blunt instrument to stop us protesting too often, or in the case of republican protesters to wrongfully arrest them to stop them doing anything on the day of the royal wedding. Me thinks more fundamental change is needed in society first and that will have to involve taking power back from the state.

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