We certainly do not wish to abandon the Highway Code.

But I do observe so regularly that driving behaviour so often does not comply, so I would like to see something done to encourage common sense compliance.

Why is this idea important?

 At the moment there are 2 aspects (amongst many) I think of:-

1/ drivers should ALWAYS drive on the correct side of the road. All too frequently as a cyclist I am forced off the road by somebody driving on the wrong side of the road.

2/ vehicles must NEVER, as a norm, be parked facing the wrong way on a public highway. Just look around, in suburbia something like 50% of vehicles are wrongly parked. Try doing this in Holland or Germany, or even Victoria, Australia and see what happens.

I am also very concerned that the Highway Code is only for the purposes of the driving test, potential drivers are taught to disregard the rules once they gain their license.

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