I have an old VW Campervan which was registered on the 1st March 1973. The van is in perfect condition and certainly better condition than some of the newer cars on the road. Yet the deadline for qualifying for historic vehicle tax is on the 1st January 1973, which my van doesn't qualify as it is two months out!

Why is this idea important?

The law is unfair and it should be a rolling historic vehicle tax as this is just another way of taxing the motorist! I run another car as well and I am obviously fully legal with that, however it seems unfair that a vehicle two months past the historic vehicle tax deadline, that isn't used on the roads very much should be taxed the same!

Why was this rule brought in???

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  1. I own a 1967 Triumph TR4A, I take very good care of it and to this end, seldom drive it. I fully understand the point the VW van owner is making. We are each preserving a little bit of motoring history. Motoring history did not suddenly stop on the 1st Jan 1973!

    1. to all classic vehicle owners, it is not the date of registation that guvens the exeption, it is the date of build, so if you vehicle was built prior you will need to record the chassis/vin number, contact an owners club, find out the date of build, with written evidence you will find that you may be in the Historic vehicle tax bracket.

      hope this helps

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