Hobby breeders should have a more consistant law for breeding, not just the individual council bylaw.  It should be consistant across the UK and be more understanding to the hobby breeder. Who do not breed for profit, but for continuation of lines, and take time choosing a stud dog, health testing, and most of all with the puppies.  They should be recognised for what they are, not penalised because they do not see their dog as commercial gain.  Many councils are using the loop hole in the law to dictate that only one litter is breed per year without a licence.  An essence on quality not quantity.

After all a licenced breeder has no restriction on how many litters a year they can breed or if they are designer or pedigree breeds.  Most dont even health test.  As everything is purely for profit.

Why is this idea important?

To protect the breeders who are concerned about welfare and over breeding in this country. To help ensure that dogs are breed for the right reasons and not just for demand.

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