Currently every child of educational age is allocated a fixed amount of money by the state, this money comes from taxpayers pockets.   If a child is home-educated none of this money is used by the child it is allocated to.  Instead the taxpaying parent has to fund this childs education at home as well as continuing to pay for schooling they don't receive.

My idea is that the allocated amount should be applied to the child who is being home-educated in the form of credits/vouchers that can be used for educational trips/visits, exams, courses and equipment e.g. correspondence courses/NEC/OU, sports access, musical services.  These credits/vouchers should be easily accessed by parents who registers their child as being home-educated, this should not  be compulsory.  Every home-educated child should also be entitled to have a computer at home, as are school children.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because of civil liberties, freedom of educational choice and the rights of a child.  The Act Every Child Matters, as stated by all parties concerned in education and welfare of the child also relates to the Freedom for a child to choose to be home-educated without intrusion into their family and private lives, as well as their human rights.

All children, whether at school or at home, should  have access to the same educational opportunities and financial support without discrimination.,

Educational choices should not only be available to the wealthiest of families, but to all.

The use of the credits/vouchers should be monitored, however, this should  not be used to force families to use a set curricula.

Monitoring of a home-educated child's educational progress should not be used as a condition of receipt of these credits/vouchers.

This idea will empower children to be involved in the choice of their education, leading to a wider choice of occupations and/or higher education.

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