The onus, during a home invasion, is on the homeowner to use nothing more than 'reasonable force' in attempting to defend their home.

Under such circumstances as being burgled, most honest citizens, who are not boxers or cage fighters, don't really know what this means and risk being criminialised for defending themselves and their families.

Career criminals who make the lives of so many such a misery are protected in their unreasonable behaviour. (behaviour that is decided upon in a rational and cold blooded way) – wheras the victims, under extreme duress, are expected to be like saints.

Also-   make any prosecution of  homeowners solely at the discretion of the Police, bot the Civil Courts.

Why is this idea important?

Victims have less rights than the Offender/perpetrator of crime.


This must end.


If burglars/home invaders etc do not like getting hurt by people, then the should not committ crime.

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