Many people have probably worked for the type of small to medium sized family business which goes through financial difficulties in the full knowledge that they won't survive.

These sorts of businesses seem to fly under the radar of regulations while others have masses and masses of regulations to adhere to.  For example, it is difficult enforcing a tribunal decision for non payment of wages with these types of businesses, as after the business has folded and the directors have employed clever accountants to ensure their own family is secure a tribunal decision can be unenforceable.

Businesses should have a duty to inform their employees if they know full well that they are going to have to close down as soon as they have such knowledge, before they start siphoning off money to ensure the security of themselves.

The relevant legislation needs to be looked at in this area to ensure employees of such small to medium sized family run businesses are protected just as much as employees of the larger companies.

Why is this idea important?

Honesty and transparency go a long way.   Workers should be given adequate time to seek other work, rather than after working for the month or sometimes perhaps longer, the employer shutting the doors and not paying wages.

It doesn't make for a freedom and liberty loving society when the workers at such companies are at a distinct disadvantage due to foreknowledge and clever accounting.

This area needs urgent reform.

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