The idea of a horse passport is an utterly stupid idea.

Why is this idea important?

The horse passport costs all of us responsible owners money.

It is useless, and only needed if any equine goes into the human food chain, so passports only needed for those.

Now, tell me that DEFRA go the Stow and Appleby horse fairs and check that all the travellers' horses and ponies have passports. Yeah, in a pig's ear. One rule for we law-abiding ananother forthe nasty rough people. Then DEFRA abuse the system I had a phone call from DEFRA asking asfarmrs wee e aware of the single payment scheme. I said we weren't farmers, so she asked as landowners were we aware of it. I tried to exxplain we weren't landowners. The dimwit girl said "but you own horses". Yes dear, we pay rent to kep them, but they have abused the data protection act misusing information in the horse passport system for a different reason

So yes, I am kicking off, and when the 2011 census form arrives, it will be shredded. I wouldn't trust any Govt body with my info.. 

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