Forms should be available at all hospitals,  all libraries and all local government offices on which patients could report back on any matter pertaining to treatment in any hospital.

The forms could have tick boxes for functions and could be read mechanically.  A computer program could look for matching complaints and high scores over a number of forms

The forms should go to a government agency,  where a mechanical system would read the forms,  and a computer would look for complaints which occurred frequently.  Such instances would trigger a visit by a government inspector would visit the hospital to sort out the problem.

I don't care how many tonsils a hospital takes out,  or how many hip replacements it does.  I do care about how I am looked after and the successful outcome of any treatment,  and I don't want to pick up MRSA or any other superbug.

Why is this idea important?

Reports such as those proposed would substantially reduce the number of form fillers currently employed by the NHS and hence the cost.

The tendency of hospitals to organise themselve so that their statistics look good,  rather than for the best treatment of patients,  would be stopped in its tracks.  The only measure of how good a hospital is would be the reports from the patients,  and the system would be immune to "massaging" by NHS staff who have an axe to gring.

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