Allow Hospitals and other medical services the right to have some control over what goes on directly outside their premises. These controls currently reside with local authorties.

Why is this idea important?

I work at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We have a real problem whereby patient and a significant number of the public conngregate directly outside the entrance to the Hospital to smoke and drink alcohol. We as a Hospital have no legal right to ban these people from doing so as the pavement directly outside the hospital is 'owned' by Kensington and Chelsea Hospital. We are a Hospital. People come here at the best, and the worst, of times and the last thing they need is to run a gauntlet through smoke, cigarette butts and more than the occasional drunk.

Similarly, before she died, we treated Jade Goody. Again, the pavement outside of our Hospital was teeming with 'journalists' for days, and again, we were powerless to move these people on. Myself and a great number of my colleagues feel that it is quite appalling that we do not have the power to eject these people from our Hospital – Hospital is often a fairly unpleasant place to come for most people and it devalues much of the work we do to try and improve the experience of patients and their families when we cannot exert any control over a key part of this environement.

On a seperate note, I think that this is an excellent ideal and very much hope that it is used contructively by the Government.

Many Thanks

Jamie Kichenbrand

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