Abolish the concept of a House in Multiplle Occupation. The definition of an HMO applies to  property rented to two or more unrelated adults and is used by councils to create revenue in the form of licencing costs to lanlords – thereby increasing rents to tenants – and as an excuse to spawn a plethora of public sector jobs policing the strict requirements that HMO status conveys.

A family with six children can rent a property without the intrusive and costly rules and regulations of HMO status being policed by an army of council officials. Three adult friends sharing an identical house next door will be deemed to be separate households  -as they are unrelated – and the landlord required to obtain an expensive HMO licence.

Environmental health officers will then make regular and intrusive inspections ,demand fire doors be installed, windows be locked to stop people falling out and many other requirements as presumably two or more unrelated adults are incapable of living in an ordinary rented property without risking life and limb!

HMO legislation serves no purpose, is unneccessary, increases private sector rental costs and daunts potential landlords thereby reducing the pool of rented property available. Owner occupiers are not exposed to local council demands and intruisions – why should tenants have to suffer such interference and landlords and taxpayers pay for the jobs created to support such legislation?

Legislation related to the rental of property needs a comprehensive overhaul.

Why is this idea important?

As more and more first time buyers are forced to opt for renting instead of buying, more private sector properties will be required. The current set of laws, rules and regulations are viewed by landlords and potential landlords as a too onerous and they are withdrawing from the market. We need to encourage landlords to meet our housing needs and not discourage them by making  letting a property  too complex and costly to support public sector growth.

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