Housing Act 2004

Part 5


Why is this idea important?

This Act requires Home Information Packs to be used. The effect is to impose an additional cost on house purchasers and a VAT revenue for the state. The EU requirement for an energy survey could be met without the overhead of a full HIP.

Disagree – Home Information Packs need reforming, to include surveys. They have brought down the cost of searches dramatically and speeded up process. Contributing to Economy, but are ineffective and require full review and change.

Agree – From my personal experience selling my home no-one has ever asked to look at the HIP or shown any interest in it. In addition when my home failed to sell I had to resort to renting it, and having rented it for a year my HIP is now invalid. When the rental ended I wanted to put it back on the market for both sale and rental but discovered I would end up paying for the HIP again if I want to market it…and again every time the rental ended if more than a year had passed. Essentially anyone not doing the standard "put it on the market, wait for it to sell, sell" ends up paying for one potentially several times.

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