Should be restricted to less than £400 per week.

The average working man couldn't afford this and limits his family accordingly.

Housing benefit should be no more than the cost of a three bedroomed semi in that area.


Why is this idea important?

People shouln't be better off on benefits than they would working.

2 Replies to “Housing benefit”

  1. no one should get that amount of housing benefit especially per week , but whilst people who work look down there nose at people with children who do ask for a little help we are not better off on benefits

  2. A three bedroom semi in many parts of London would be allot more than £400 per week. The majority of people on housing benefit are actually working on low incomes and getting there wages topped up my housing benefit. As if they were to pay there rent they would have nothing left to eat.
    The problem is that rents are allowed to go to the market level, and if an area becomes gentrified, such as lovely Hackney a Landlord can charge what he likes for a property, as that area has allot more interest in it from professionals,even if that family has lived there for years.
    i.e. You and your wife work as a Shop worker and a cleaner, you live in Hackney with two children , and rent a small house privately , suddenly Nathan barley moves in your rent increases by 20% per year. Over a several years you are in an unaffordable area, thankfully you get some housing benefit to make the situation bearable.
    Cutting housing benefit will only mean that working people will move out of the area, or downsize to overcrowded situations. It will not mean that unemployed people will get jobs, as you still get housing benefit if you start working and are on a low income. If you want that to happen it would be more of an incentive to go back to work, if you get more points in work, on the housing list for social housing, where rents are set at a fairer level.

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