Housing benefit is currently paid to the claimant in lump sumps leaving the claimant to pay the landlord. Where payment is not made by the claimant despite receipt of the benefit or where the claimant fails to claim the housing benefit, the landlord is put to the unnecessary expense of court eviction which seems unfair given the Government money involved.

 The old system of paying the landlord directly appears to be preferred by both landlords and those working in the housing benefits office.

My idea would be that housing benefit is paid directly to the landlord not the claimant.

Why is this idea important?

At a time where house values are low and many people find themselves in an unfamiliar and yet necessary position where they must rent out rather than sell a property, transparency in the housing benefit system is important.

The rights of the tax paying landlords should be of importance to the Government where in the current climate the position of landlord is not just relevant to high earners.

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