If i am caught with cannabis by the police, how can i be charged for being in possesion of a controlled substance when cannabis is clearly not controlled?

I suggest that anyone from now on whom is arrested – that when the police advise you you have been arrested for being in possesion of a controlled substance – that you point out to the police that it is not the case, as cannabis is not a controlled substance but rather an uncontrolled substance.

Alcohol is a controlled substance and so is tobbaco as they are only available to persons of age and are controlled by strick guidlines – no selling alcohol or tobbaco to minors

Why is this idea important?

cannabis needs to be controlled under licence laws in the same way as alcohol and tobbaco are.

This subject seems to be important to millions of Britians – has Mr. clegg bothered to answer our grevance? Or is it just being pushed under the carpet?

It's only taken over a 100 days for this new coalition to be just the same as the old government

Spin, sleaze, and brought and paid for politicians

Do the right thing – at the very least demriminalize cannabis or better still legalize it, you would not believe how popular your government will be amongst many millions of Brits from all walks of life



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