Remove the power of judging whether candidate is suitable to work for a company from employers to the state, if the state are going to continue to interfere in that judgement.

This country has a crippling debt and there is a real strain on public resources. How can it possibly recover if people are not allowed to work and pay taxes because of some misdemeanor which happened 10+ years ago. Productivity = Wealth, basic economics that the Eton educated politicians can't fathom.


Why is this idea important?

We all have skeletons in the closet. Put your hand up if your totally innocent. Those who are innocent cast the first stone. I have a criminal record from when I was a youth because of personal unfortunate circumstances and bad judgement on my own behalf. Not to mention the racism and harassment black people used to suffer from police and society in general back in the 80's and 90's, a matter that the police to this day are ashamed of. Why can't we all just forget the past and move on with our lives? I am not trying to make excuses for what I did (none of it was serious) but I would like to contribute to society, if that is OK? I am sure there is a lot of people with criminal records who would like the same as me? I have also done a lot of good since then. I worked for the out-of-hours doctors service and helped to save peoples health and lives, because of CRB I can no longer work in that field. Where is the credit for the good I have done since my run in with the law? The CRB is a vindictive abomination of justice.

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