actually before i waste my time does anybody read this and where does it post for what i have to say is controversial, informative and very implementable with nothing but absolute public backing  ,id win an election with such a policy  implementing it might be another story.

how to save 100 billion pounds and more and get a 97% approval rating in one term of office

im anglo american cultured so ive had a good laugh and a cry over the circus acts of the political spectrum of both countrys over the last 30 years 

are either of you actually of the people by the people for the people?

why does nobody ever actually do what they said they would do that got them in office in the first place  is there some other power that actually runs the show?

let me answer that for you ………………………..absolutely but in this country its rare they assasinate you  when you dont tow the line

Why is this idea important?

why is my idea important? it isnt its irrelevant  and pointless because if i cant change the world id rather not bother , but i figure the country i was born in and love is worth a shot ,i dont care who gets the glory all i care about is that there will always be and England and that perhaps it was an Englishman that was the ryme and reason in this world ,who stood for truth,justice and honor  and that when he spoke the whole world listend as his word was good, or you can make do with Barack .

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