A review of the Human Rights Act should be undertaken with an emphasis upon altering the position around certain 'qualified' rights.  Whilst 'absolute' rights like right to life should of course remain, the qualified rights could have a clause inserted that changed the emphasis.  In other words you as an individual are responsible for maintaining your 'full set' of rights. e.g. a criminal convicted of a crime against others has irresponsibly lowered the threshold for their individual right to say 'private and family life' especially when weighed against the victim affected.  This position places greater focus upon the majority who deserve to full private and family life allowing other legislation to feed off this central piece of legislation to further protect them.

Further tweaks to associated legsilation could take plac that helps change the community emphasis e.g. change the Data Protection Act (which is actually a good piece of legislation, but it hugel misunderstood) to the Data Sharing Act. It could then be more specfic about how/when data should/must be shared to control the miscreant.

Why is this idea important?

It could provide a new basis to community thinking.  Giving more emphasis towards the silent 'victim' and sending a clear message to those in our society who prey upon others.  In my e.g. above, the loss of the right to private and family life towards the criminal allows greater focus of surveillance methods to continue to 'control' or monitor criminals because they were not prepared to accept the responsibility that goes with being an effective citizen.  The 'state' is permitted to interfere in a more specific way rather than in the sheepdip manner that presently exisits (or indeed i perceived to exist).

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