Scrap this rediculous law, its the worst piece of legislation ever put on the Staute Books.  It was only brought in by a former PM at the behest of his money grabbing wife so she and her sicofant friends and colleagues can clean up in the law courts with the taxpayer paying the bills through legal aid, and also so he could swan around Europe, having put this act on the Staute Books telling Europe what a great guy he was?

Why is this idea important?

Because people who are illegally in the country can quote the Human Rights acts so can't be deported, as do foreign criminals, suspected terrorists etc.  Travellers who turn up on green field sites and build illegal dwellings and the quote the act for thier complete disregard of the law, and local authoritiesare powerless to do anything to stop them because they quote the act

A repeal of this act would bring back some confidenceto the proper law abiding citizens of this country

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