To completely change the whole Human Rights malarky.

Why is this idea important?

Too many criminals, immigrants and just plain nuisances get away with too much these days the second they play the human rights card. It's a joke that prisoners get a better standard of living behind bars than they would out, which costs us taxpayers dearly. They should be getting basic accomodation and food which they deserve. The way I see it, you lose all human rights the second you take it upon yourself to murder a thirteen year old girl, or rape another.

It's also insulting that immigrants can come to our country and appear to get better rights than the natives. The whole thing just needs sorting out.

And no, i'm not of the far right view, I voted Conservative, it's just not fair that the people that are so proud to be part of this country have to take the backseat and let spongers take advantage of these laws. Start deporting the foreign benefit scroungers and criminals. The ones that work aren't doing anything bad. I'm sure somebody could word it all a lot better than me, but if this sort of idea was put to the vote. I could guarantee the majority would agree.

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