Abolish the Human Rights Act which has become the hiding place of the feckless, irresponsible, criminal and down right evil.

Substitute instead a Bill Of Rights and Responsibilities with very severe penalties for all those actions, behaviours which threaten life, liberty and the peaceful enjoyment ones environment.

Why is this idea important?

The current Human Rights Act is providing cash cow for lawers with little benefit to the creation of a stable, peaceful, value driven society. It creates an environment which encourages people to put their own rather than their neighbours interests first. It promotes individual preferences, choices and priorities over those of the community and is therefore a fragmenting force. It leads ultimately not to negotiation and compromise but to confrontation and 'win-lose' outcomes.

We need a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities which promotes community interests and values, encourages compromise and win-win solutions, severely punishes those who seek to promote their own self-interest to the point where the safety and well-being of others is put at risk.

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