Human rights act has done more damage to UK's freedom then any other initiative for centuries. This is a Charter designed by Lawyers to print money via the bottomless coffers of legal aid, financed by UK citizens. Law abiding citizens are being taken for a ride by lawyers, who defend terrosists & potential terrorists, and criminals, many of whom openly abuse the hospitality shown to them by UK governments, by advocating violence against local UK populations. Blair's government was made up largely of barristers/lawyers, no wonder they supported this over-arching law!

This whole thing is so ridiculous that you could NOT make it up! What has happenned to the common sense? HR laws should be replaced by a bill of rights for UK citizens, that do Not extend to criminals and terrorists. EEC wants to direct all asylum seekers ( which includes terrorists/crimanls )towards UK, as most continental countries do not want these people on their lands. They further restrict any independent action by UK through this over-arching Law.

Do what is good for UK – we must look after our own citizens First.

Why is this idea important?

We need joined up thinking across the society and that inlcudes all the laws that are being passed. We cannot allow one set of laws to override another set, what is the point of that? Or have illogicality built into the systems, where you cannot prosecute a foreign national, who is going to blow up our citizens, because another over arching law negates our local UK legislation? We might as well wipe the slate clean and start afresh.


Bottom line – How can we spend £billions letting people in to this country, supporting them on welfare, and then if they turn out to be terrorists, we cannot do much about it? Except keep them in high security prisons, again costing an arm&leg!


What about the human rights of Law abiding UK citizens, who fund all this and are taken for granted by politicians of all parties? Where is the sense in all this? No other country would do this.

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