It was set up in the 1940's as a way to stop wars, just as NATO and the original EU was – after the First and Second World Wars, and the carnage they brought. Eleanor Roosevelt was instrumental in establishing it, and Winston Churchill was a believer.  Seeing the world as it was left after the 1940's it's understandable why it was introduced, and why the principles were there.  However, 60+ years later, and a world of difference away from the '50's it's been hi-jacked from its original high principles – which, in written terms at that time were accepted as absolute and a way of making sure the world could never inflict that kind of world war damage again – from the highest moral principles – and has now become an "enshrined " document that can never be questioned – but it's flawed.  The World has changed – and it's being used as a catch-all and excuse to cover any and every excess that lawyers and individuals and criminals can find to use as an excuse.  It's a wide-open law in that it was a "blanket" promise – at the time, it was respected – but today, and in today's society, it's like the original Ration-issued blanket of the 40's – great when it was woven, and very warm, but it's become neglected and not kept up-to-date, so its full of moth-holes. Lawyers have nibbled away at it.

It's unworkable for this age. The principles are brilliant – they shouldn't be discarded – but it should be up-dated to make it work effectively and properly.  I'm quite sure that Eleanor Roosevelt and Winston Churchill would be turning in their graves if they knew that it was being used for sundry people to claim huge sums of money for petty "infringements " of their "rights." Rights are about important things – eg Martin Luther King fought for rights – and many others have since – but it was never meant as a charter for petty grievances. 

I hope it can be amended to a point where people don't use it as a "right" without responsibility.  It should be a Bill that can only be invoked by special causes, which are democratic and towards the general good of the public – which I think and believe was the original purpose. If people want something as a panacea, maybe you could think about a "Charter" of Rights – or a British "Code of Law" setting out rights and responsibilities that go with them.

Why is this idea important?

Because (see above) I believe that there are factions in our society which have become immune to a sense of responsibility and will claim "rights" whenever it fits their purpose – not helped by lawyers who stand to make money. The Human Rights Act has become a code-word for venality and greed – and changed our legal system beyond recognition. It's been twisted so far beyond it's original purpose that it's now damaging our country and culture. It's become pernicious and poisonous to our fabric as a nation.

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