It should be a human right for people to claim benefits without harrassment when they are out of work and especially if they are too sick to work.

Claimants are abused and harrassed. Those with long term health conditions should not be made to feel as if they are lying.

no one chooses to live long term on benefits. i myself have qualifications where i could earn good money but i am too sick to work. i did not choose to be ill and did not choose to live on benefits but my health means i have to. theres no employer that would employ someone who if they manage to trun up, may be too sick and have to go home.

end the discrimination and hate mongering from govt, dwp and the media regarding long term sic people on benefits. we should get a minimum of 100 a week. if we cant afford to eat properyly os keep warm then we will never get well.

Why is this idea important?

Those with long term health conditions need protection in the law via the human rights act, from discrimnation and harrassment by govt, dwp atos private companies and the media. we are subjected to hate crimes and branded as criminals or liars when we are sick. This is unacceptable for a civilised society.

2 Replies to “Human Rights Act to Apply to Benefit Claimants Too Sick To Work”

  1. Good idea, makes me sicker and suicidal being called in for medicals every year and I’m 60. I’m throwing up and running to the loo as soon as I know I have to go in for another assessment. Arthritis, joint pain, nerves etc it doesn’t go away, it doesn’t get better…. It just gets worse, we have good days and not so good days. There are a lot of health conditions that just get worse with age so what’s the point in making us feel like we shouldn’t be allowed to live.

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