I have been closely following the ongoing political crisis in Thailand.Observing live internet footage from Ratchaprasong Bangkok.Shocking images began to appear,which ended in a bloodbath on 20th April 2010.Those of us who witnessed these events will never forget, as will those of us who are old enough to remember Vietnam's war coming to an end after similar  pictures began forcing us to rethink our opinions.Now another shocking truth has emerged involving 2 of the "Human Rights" bodies located there.Both Amnesty International (Thailand) and Thailand's "National Human Rights Commission" (NHRC) have been heavily criticised for their refusal to take on human rights issues.More alarmingly the NHRC selection process has seen panel members close to the military backed Goverment installed.The NHRC was set up after the 2006 military coup in Thailand.Its panel consist's of ex Military,ex Police and even members with human rights abuse cases standing against them.They have been roundly criticised by academics,commentators and the well respected and long established AHRC(Asian Human Rights Commision).On the other hand Amnesty International Thailand have been called "yellow shirt activists" for their apparent support of the ruling goverment and their refusal to object to Thailand inprisoning of those charged with Lese Majeste (offending Royalty).Both of these organistions backed a military crackdown on Redshirt (Pro Democracy) protesters,which included Goverment Snipers picking off anyone who was present in a "live fire" zone in downtown Bangkok.Witnessing this made my wife and I weep.My thoughts therefore are; that we know around the world there are goverments of varying degrees of morality, who often break international laws and flout human rights issuesBut.this we are led to believe is picked up by the HR Groups there to protect us.If though these Groups are only there as a facade What then? What will become of the world if these above mentioned scenarios become common place ? How can we assure that Human Rights are the under-pinning of every free civilisation,answerable to those who need protection ? This is a global question,that UK should play a leading role in.We the world are now all connected,in trade,online and by the hope of a fair and just global civilisation.It is not without fair reason or wanting to use political malice,that I would like to bring your attention the close ties the new UK coalition goverment has with the Eton and Oxford educated Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva who was in the same class as Boris Jonson and a year above Prime Minister David Cameron.Yes the silence has been deafening.As for the Lib Dems,whom I voted ?What's happened to the ethical foreign policy I  foreign I was promised ? So now on with your actions.Time to make Human Rights the very top issue along with global warming.Please for the sake of humanity,don't dissapoint.The future is in your hands.

Why is this idea important?

For a fair future for all. 

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