Repeal the" human rights " legislation incorporated into Uk law by the last government.

This law is only of use to criminals ,terrorists and lawyers using it to file frivolous law suites.


Repeal the tv licence fee -there is no need for a tax funded broadcaster in the 21st century.

Take out any wording in law that restricts homeowners protecting their property .

Why is this idea important?

Because these are issues that people really care about …how may people go to their MP to demand more Human Rights?What about being on the side of the law abiding citizen instead of worrying about protecting the rights of criminals and terrorists.

The BBC tax is a poll tax .Choice should be paramount…

No one should be held to account or dragged through the courts for defending the family or property.In the heat of the moment a person has seconds to react in an emotional state -prosecutors and police have the luxury of second guessing and lots of time

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