to amend the human rights  law .      if    the person whos human rights  are at risk ….is convicted  of a crime  that puts the lives of many people  in danger  .that person  should have no rights ..and no judge , or anyone else. should   use the law . to say that person must be allowed  to live here in this country   and that includes   the eu. courts

Why is this idea important?

I believe  that it is most urgent . that  we defend  this islands  law . for the  people that are born and bred here..I myself  have voted twice  to trade with  europe ..i did not vote to be governed  by them..the human  rights law.. has never  worked  correctly it benifits  only the lawyers who  make a lot of money  from it  .   ideally  the human rights law would be better .off  abolishied

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