Individuals convicted of a crime should forfeit their Human Rights. 

If they were not prepared to respect the 'Human Rights' of their victims then they do not deserve to benefit from these laws until they have re-earned the right to do so.

Why is this idea important?

 With prisons over crowded we proposals to introduce greater community -service sentencing.  Meanwhile police forces around the country are currently hunting an ex-prisoner, released 2 days ago, who has already re-offended (murdered). 

Prisons ought to punish and rehabilitate.  Currently they do neither. 

My suggestion is to reduce prison over-crowding, punish the guilty, deter re-offending and restore justice to this country.  

Prison sentences would be divided into 3 equal parts:

Part 1 – slave-labour, working down coal mines or salt mines, fed on bread & water etc (or similar!).  In short, a 'hell on earth' (total punishment)

Part 2 – Current prison system; TVs, decent meals, open university, further education, training courses, etc (rehabilitation)

Part 3 – community service, parole (pay back to society, reintegration)

If the prisoner refuses to conform at any stage (rioting, refusing to follow orders etc) he would instantly be returned to the start of his sentence (part 1).

When the individual was finally released and he/she is considering turning back to crime the thoughts of the 'hell on earth' should be haunting him so much that he thinks more than twice about re-offending!

However, to even begin to introduce this justice we first need to address to 'Human Rights' laws that currently protect the criminals more than their victims.

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