Repeal the Human Tissue Act 2004.

Why is this idea important?


The HTA was introduced, no doubt with excellent intentions, as a response to the Alder Hey organ retention scandal. However, as with most legislation introduced as a knee-jerk reaction to something, it has had seriously adverse unintended consequences.

The HTA is a complete nightmare for most people engaged in legitimate clinical research. Even taking a single blood sample is regulated by the HTA, and researchers and ethics committees waste huge amounts of time trying to determine whether clearly harmless procedures are compliant with the HTA.

Repealing the act won't lead to a repeat of the Alder Hey scandal. The medical profession are very well aware of the issues in organ retention these days, and their professional standards won't let something like that happen again. Repealing the act will, however, greatly reduce one of the burdens on legitimate clinical research, which is such an important part of the progress in medicine that lets us find cures for diseases.

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