I have to be honest I'm been arrested on several times and my DNA have been taken but I've not been charged but I found out that my DNA hasn't been distroyed but kept on the national police DNA systems, which I find is a breach of my human rights, Also whilst on the conversation of national Police system, that if a person had been arrested on an offence but later found out either the person is innocent or wrongly arrested, the arrest is still on the system and when or if that person is stopped, the officer does an check on that person, there radio's are so loud that others in the public eye can over hear that persons arrest previously convictions, and they mis understand the person/person's arrest record and they gets pushed aside. Theis is a serious breach of data protection act.

Why is this idea important?

This country tell the public we can trust the Data Protection Act's but can we, if these government agencies can allow personal data to be overheard by passer by's. So an over all of the DATA PROTECTION ACT'S needs to be an overall changes and for the data not be broadcasted so the general public can have some peace of mind.

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