I would like to see the ban on hunting with dogs overturned, I have been involved in agriculture, gamekeeping and pest control all my life so have experience involving snares traps and gun, both snares and traps can be in humane and indiscriminate catching non target species, a gun can be an efficive and humane tool in pest and predator control, but is only as efective and humane as the person pulling the trigger…… Hunting with hounds, terriers and lurchers doesn’t leave a single wounded animal, it’s either a humane and swift dispatch or a very live and well target species…… And as somebody with a keepering and farming background I personaly have found that the problem foxes are either wounded possibly from gun shot or car accidents or are older foxes, therfore they find it harder to catch the wild food younger and healthier foxes thrive on…. Hunting is about control but it also creates a natural ballance….. In the case of hare coursing a lot of farms and estates now shoot hares en mass due to an increase in poaching since coursing was banned, the hunting act is an unjust law, and in the light of recent fox attacks I hope that you take my request seriously…. Many thanks!

Why is this idea important?

The fox population needs to be managed and I believe hunting to be the most effective and most selective way of doing that…. Hunting tends to control the weaker of the population and that’s the very foxes that tend to cause a problem…. Autumn hunting also disperses the fully grown cubs, do each erea doesn’t end up with z population to high for the area to suport it, so hunting therfore prevents fox predation of local wildlife and agricultural livestock

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