Every time I ride my horse accompanied by my dogs  (most days of the year), or when I walk my dogs,  I am likely to be in breach of this ridiculous and unworkable legislation.  It has criminalised huge sections of the rural community,and  is totally unworkable – there simply is not enough policing in the rural areas for them to cope with sensible legislation, and to expect them to have the ability to add this silly law to their already stretched workload, is simply not practical.

Add to that the dramatic increase in the number of foxes in the rural community and the costs of poultry being taken even during daylight hours by foxes who are perfectly aware that their lifestyles are no longer under threat, and this ridiculous legislation appears to be even more stupid.

It is plain silly to keep this on the statute books simply to appease the people who believe hunting is an upper class sport, and those who believe the fox is the cuddly fluffy animal of childrens' stories.


Why is this idea important?

To enable the rural community to return to sensible and proper ways of wildlife management which have worked for centuries, and to prevent the criminalisation of large segments of the rural community who are perfectly law-abiding citizens.

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