How to stuff Ian Huntley

Why is this idea important?

Not sure if this is the right section but I'm sure this suggestion will be immensely popular. While I agree with civil liberties campaigners that Ian Huntley was sentenced to life imprisonment and not to have his face slashed, I do not believe he should receive compensation for his injuries. If he were to receive compensation, he would certainly be able to spend some of the money, on trainers and things, and maybe extra food. I have the following suggestions.

Don't grant him Legal Aid. Does he really fulfil the criteria for Legal Aid?

If such an action is contested, it will  run up enormous costs and be a field day for the lawyers.  Huntley may also have to appear in court personally, which would be even more expense.

If Huntley is granted Legal Aid and sues successfully, the following could be applied:

In the first instance he could be ordered to pay any compensation he receives to the families of his victims, notwithstanding the limitations on time. I believe there is  a precedent for this in the case of the rapist who won the National Lottery.

Huntley has I believe made several suicide attempts. He should be billed for the extra costs of hospital treatment and for suicide watch. Some or all of his compensation could be held in escrow for future attempts, say for the next ten years?

If he appears in court personally he should be billed for the cost of the police operation, including the cost of policing any demonstrations outside the court where he appears.


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