Stop this unnecesaary Bill. It allows much greater freedoms for easily travelling around Europe. Ministers are spending too much time on this bill with limited short term savings – lets looker at other areas. ID cards potentially could save more money in the future used porperly – allowing easier processing at airports and other borders – rather than having to stand in long queues to get back into your own country (that I do regard as against my freedom: being couped up in a long queue in  high temperatue so an old fashioned document can be looked at)

In addition Ministers seem to be using the time to take jokes of those of who alraedy have them – ie the comment by the Home Secretary that we will have a "souvenir" –

Why is this idea important?

It allows people to travel throughout the EU on a simple card – rather than having to purchase an expensive and cumbersome passport around.

It is easy to carry and therefore will not be lost so easily – theerfore reducing the time and expense for overseas embassies.

It is plastic and therfore more durable than paper passports.

It is much clearer to see and use for airlines and border agencies – therefore improving security

It will allow for neweer technologies to be used at borders in the future therfore speeding up the process at border crossings and reducing the costs. I would suggest that potentially it could save substantial amounts of money.

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