A true asylum seeker will ask for asymlum at the first safe country they reach and stay there.  Those that come here are illegal immigrants usually here for benefits and should be treated as such.

They should be housed in a secure area such as disused army or air force accommodation whilst their claims are assessed and not given housing which is desperately needed by the indigenous population and where they can simply disappear.  The applications should be dealt with speedily and priority given to commonwealth citizens and those whose skills we need.  Those who are not allowed to stay should be deported immediately without recourse to legal aid to fight the decision. 

Those who are allowed to stay should be given basic accommodation and NOT housed in large properties in areas such as Kensington.  Their benefits should be basic and should not include cars and other such items which other people have to work for.

Why is this idea important?

The indigenous population is sick of being taxed to fund scroungers from other countries – it is bad enough having to support our own!  They say they want asylum and when allowed to stay moan about not having enough money, a big enough house or, like the Somali man in the paper this week, complain about the area and schools in which he is housed.  The money being spent on him and his family is outrageous.  The NHS, schools, housing etc is collapsing under the weight of the recent immigration and has to be severely curtailed.

The money would be better spent on our elderly who kept us free during WWII and our troops who are fighting today.  Perhaps also the young Afghan men trying to get here from France could be trained to fight for the freedom of their own country!

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