There is a ridiculous rule about not being able to buy more than 2 packets of painkillers at once – no matter what the size is, or the type of painkiller, and it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It means I could buy 2 x 50 paracetomol…… but not 3 x 20….. it means I can't buy 2 x 12 paracetomol and 2 x 12 ibuprofen, even though these are different drugs that work in different ways and can be used together quite safely. It means that if you need to take painkillers regularly, e.g. for arthritis, you are forever having to buy them instead of being able to buy a decent supply in one go. It is mindless nonense! If it is meant to protect people at risk of overdose – rubbish – I could go to 3 shops in the same street which all sell paracetomol say, and buy more than enough that way to kill myself! Frankly, if you are suicidal, a stupid rule like this is very unlikely to hinder you. 

Why is this idea important?

This is a stupid, illogical and unnecessary rule which just makes life that bit more difficult for people who have a genine need to keep themselves well stocked with painkillers to be pain-free or at least reduce their pain in order to be able to live their lives.

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2 Replies to “Illogical prohibitions on purchasing over the counter painkillers”

  1. It defies logic, at least allow two packets of each (paracetamol and ibuprofen). The ridiculousness extends to cold remedies containing paracetamol, I mean, who would try overdosing on lemsip?

  2. This is more than illogical. As a member of a national wholesaler, I can buy retail packs of paracetamol and ibuprofen with 200+ tablets in a pack. Does that mean that retailers are immune to the possibility of becoming suicidal or are more trustworthy with “dangerous” drugs than the general public? Also, I can not find ny reference to this being an actual law. All I have been able to discover is a general guidance from the MHRA??
    The UK is a rampant Nanny State.

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