The health professions council has been imposed on psychotherapists – members of UKCP and BACP with little consultation and scant regard for the feedback from that consultation in a move typical of the top down mentality of the previous government.

The medical model implicit within the HPC  is alien to psychotherapy, which is a hermeneutic model of trying to understand the other person and help them to make sense of their internal and external world. It is not about curing pathology. It is not about a relationship between the expert and the patient.

This means that the health professions council is an inappropriate body to govern and represent the interests of therapists and I would ask you to allow the therapy community to use their own perfectly viable bodies such as the UKCP or BACP.

I' m a member of the psychoanalytic section of the UKCP and I'm a member of the HPC as a Chartered Psychologist. 

Best wishes


Michael Friedrich 

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important, because it is an idea widely held by members of the UKCP BACP.

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